The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

Wireless headphones for working out

7 Best Wireless Headphones For Working Out

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Jaybird Vista

It’s tough to find a good pair of running headphones for working out. But if you’re looking for an option that won’t fall out and that will connect quickly to your phone, you don’t need to look much farther than Jaybird Vista.

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Jabra Elite Active 75t

Not only do these Jabra Elite headphones sound great, but with different-sized ear tips, you’ll find that they’ll stay in your ears no matter how intense your workout is.

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SkullCandy Push Ultra

One of the things you don’t usually get in running headphones is customizability. That’s what makes these SkullCandy Push Ultra headphones unique, and of course, the sound quality is great too. Comes with 40 hours battery life.

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Powerbeats Pro

Adjust these Powerbeats headphones to fit in your ears. Once you have them set up, you’ll love being able to click for the controls, and how easily they withstand the weather. 

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Bose Soundsport

If you put comfort as a top priority, you’ll love these running headphones. They’re sweat proof and have great battery life, for when you really get going too. 

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Sony WF-XB700

These workout headphones give you quality, and affordability. The bass they produce is impressive. 

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Aftershokz Air

Flexible and lightweight, these Aftershokz are perfect for athletes. They’re ideal for people that run outdoors. 

When you’re working out, you don’t want to be dealing with wired headphones getting in your way or falling out of your ears. That’s why you want to have a good pair of wireless headphones that will be unobtrusive, comfortable, and fit securely in your ears. The real problem is finding the best headphones for workout with so many on the market. When it comes to working out though, we’ve tested these brands so that you can make the best choice for you and your workout goals.

Jaybird Vista


  • Connection was reliable even at a distance
  • The charging case is compact and easy to slip into a gym bag or pocket
  • They connected to our phones quickly


  • They don’t remain comfortable for all-day use


Not that any wireless headphones are particularly heavy, but these Jaybird Vista headphones are some of the lightest and most compact headphones out there. This is what makes them some of the best working out headphones. It helps that they have a high battery life so that you’ll never need to struggle with your music running out while you’re jogging. And if you do happen to drop one, these headphones are what they call “Earthproof,” meaning that they will not stop working from shock, dust, water, or sweat.

Use them for all 16 hours after you’ve charged them for music or calls and you’ll never struggle while you’re working out.
It’s nice that the sound works well too. You won’t notice any interruptions with your connection thanks to the wireless technology, and we didn’t have any issue with them falling out of our ears either. That’s because these are made to fit your ears comfortably even when you’re really sweating from your workout.

Do you know what’s even better? You can customize your sound profile with these headphones. Create a unique sound profile that you can save to your headphones for you to listen to later. While we found that these do not fully cancel noise, this might not bother you that much in a gym area. Just connect them to your phone, no matter what type of phone you have, and get listening.

Jabra Elite Active 75t


  • The microphone works well if you plan on talking on the phone
  • Even when doing intensive workouts, these headphones don’t fall out
  • Quick charge


  • The battery life is not as long as other headphone options


It’s all about having the right fit when it comes to the best headphones to work out. You don’t need to be dealing with headphones falling out of your ears, but that’s exactly what the Jabra Elite 75t are trying to fit. We tested out these Jabra Elite 75t headphones to see how well they fit, and if they really did work as well as advertised.

Well, they certainly did fit well, and we found that while working out, we could keep wearing these headphones comfortably. Beyond the fit of the headphones though, you’ll be glad that this wireless option will also allow you to make calls while working out, and that the quality of the music was generally good too. The audio quality didn’t decrease even when these headphones were covered in water or sweat either.

You can wear these water resistant headphones whether you’re running in the rain or sweating a lot in the gym. They’re made to be durable, so you shouldn’t have a problem keeping them in your ears for their entire 7.5 hours of continuous use—not that you plan to be working out for quite that long.

Place them in their charging case and the battery life can last up to 28 hours.

That charging case is small enough to carry around with you if you need it, and will keep your headphones safe with magnets that lock them into place. Just grab your headphones and get to work working out.

SkullCandy Push Ultra


  • You have mirrored on-ear controls for both ears
  • Ear holders mold easily and can be molded multiple times
  • The battery life is relatively high


  • They do not fully block out sound


You’ve probably heard of SkullCandy before, and it’s no wonder since this company is known for making headphones for various uses. These Push Ultra headphones are no different. We tested these out and found that one of the best parts of them were that you can mold the ear hooks to fit your ears. This means that you’ll never have to struggle with these falling off your ears, since they’re made to mold directly to your ears. That’s why they’re some of the best headphones for workouts. Their 40-hour long battery life doesn't fail to impress either.

You can control each bud independently if you would like—just reach up to mess with the controls. No matter the weather, the controls will still work since you’re able to wear these headphones in all sorts of weather. That includes dust as well. Wear them no matter where you are, and put them in the wireless charging case whenever you’re done wearing them for the day.

You can customize these to the shape of your ears, and even use them with the Tile app if you would like.

We did notice that these headphones were not completely sound proof, and did not block out all sound. You might like that if you want to still hear everything, but if you want to make sure you have the highest sound quality possible, then you may want a headphone that seals better within your ear canals.

Still, we liked the comfort level of these headphones, and thought that the design worked well for the shape of the ear. It was great that they’re water resistant too, with Bluetooth audio that survives even heavier weather conditions.

Powerbeats Pro


  • The design is very compact and easy to slip into your ears
  • Ear hooks can be adjusted to fit your ears
  • Sound quality and control are easy to use as you run or work out


  • There are some problems with the connection, especially if you happen to run to a lot of out-of-the way spots to jog


You’re in the gym and you don’t want to be struggling with charging your headphones or losing your Bluetooth. That’s why the Powerbeats Pro is a great option, since you can listen for 9 hours, although we hope that you aren’t working out for a total of nine hours! Wear these headphones for as long as you need to, since they are made to be sweat resistant, and adjust the hooks along the ears so that they fit your ears.

That’s part of what makes these Powerbeats headphones so great: they’re adjustable. Adjust the hooks so that they fit your ears and don’t fall out no matter how intensely you like to work out. The design is even reinforced, which means that you’re able to secure them on your ears and keep listening whether you’re running in the snow, the rain, or in dusty places too.

We liked how easy these headphones were to control too. You just have to reach up along each headphone to do the volume and track controls directly, and can even speak into the headphones if you would like to talk on the phone. Play or pause your music directly, and connect these headphones with whatever type of phone system you have.

We personally liked the sleek fit of these headphones, along with the great battery life and water resistant qualities. The sound was bold and vibrant, and even though the case was a little big to just carry around with you, it was still a great option to place your headphones in when you need a quick charge. The headphones won’t ever fall out of there either since there are magnets meant to keep your headphones in place. Even if it can be a little awkward to pull your headphones out thanks to the shape, they’ll stay secure no matter where you carry them.

What we really liked about these though was that these wireless headphones for working out have an autoplay option. Let’s say that you take them out of your ears while someone speaks to you. The sound will stop, and when you put them back in your ears, the sound will resume. This means that you can keep working out and pick up right from where you left off. There won’t be any interruptions in your music—well, no interruptions that don’t come from possible connection issues.

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones


  • More comfortable than most wireless headphones
  • High quality sound output with great battery life
  • Ideal for people that exercise outdoors (excellent running headphones)


  • Somewhat bulky


Bose is a big name in the world of audio equipment, and it’s no surprise they made it onto our list. These Soundsport bluetooth headphones have quite a few features that make them standout. However, the first we’ll talk about is comfort. Not all wireless headphones are built alike. Unfortunately that also means some won’t stay in your ears, or they’re really uncomfortable.

These wireless headphones are some of the most comfortable out there. Not only that, it’s nice to be able to get in some intense cardio without worrying they’ll fall out. They have wings to keep the earbuds in place, and you’ll barely notice the feel of them.

As you would expect with any Bose product, the sound quality is really on show with these headphones. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a show, or even making a call, you get the same quality sound and connection.

The Bluetooth pairing is easy and fast, which is great for anyone that just wants to plug in and get going. As far as the technology goes, it keeps a pretty stable connection without disconnecting when you switch modes.

These aren’t noise isolating or active noise cancelling headphones, rather, they have a more open design as opposed to noise cancellation. Depending on your preferences that could be a pro or a con. However, if you’re the outdoorsy type and like to go running and hiking outside, we consider a big bonus. With six hours of battery life, you should be able to get through any workout, no problem. Of course, they’re sweat proof and waterproof as well, so don’t worry about damaging them when you work up a sweat. If you don't want the wire, you can also check out the Bose Soundsport Free version. The Bose Soundsport Free are true wireless earbuds with the same great quality you expect from Bose.

Sony WF-XB700


  • Great bass and low tones
  • Unique and efficient control buttons
  • Budget friendly, still high quality


  • Fit isn’t as comfortable


Who isn’t looking for a great pair of wireless headphones that they can actually afford? That’s just one reason we really liked these. Yes, you’ll give up a couple things to get the price, but it’s not much. On that note, you also gain some things that other wireless headphones really struggle to provide. Namely, bass. We’re not saying other in ear headphones don’t have any. However, just listening to these Sony headphones can show you what a difference it makes when you want the best sound quality. 

The design is fairly different from other wireless headphones too. Rather than wings, or simple buds you stick in your ears, these ones have a three faceted design. It’s Sony’s ‘Tri-hold’ design. It may sound strange, but it’s really effective. You don’t have to deal with a lot of extra bulk, or worry about them falling out. Basically each earbud fits to your ear in three different places to keep it secure until you’re ready to take them out. 

Another thing we have to mention: the controls. Some headphones have several buttons, or a remote. We really appreciated how Sony implemented the control buttons. While each earbud only has one button near the bottom, it’s really all you need.

You can fast forward, pause, switch modes, take calls, and anything else in between. The right side takes care of things like calls, pausing, skipping tracks, and even voice control. The left side is all about volume control. It takes a moment to get familiar with it, but it’s a great system. 


  • Wraparound band is lightweight and flexible
  • Allows situational awareness
  • Includes quick charge mode


  • Some vibration with top volume


Whether you’re into fitness or not, everyone’s looking for the best headphones. Working out provides some additional challenges, however. Stability and comfort are usually at the top of the list. These headphones certainly fit the bill there. They wrap around, which is a good design if you do high impact workouts like running, jogging, or anything else with tons of movement. The band still feels really lightweight, and it’s flexible enough to fit anyone. We might have been skeptical at first, but they’re so light you might forget you’re wearing them. 

Another point about the design: it’s open fit. Some people really want noise isolation, and if you only workout indoors, that’s usually fine. However, if you like to take your workout on the go, that can lead to huge risks and injury, especially near streets. That’s why we recommend these headphones for people that want to be able to exercise away from the gym. 

You don’t lose any sound quality, so don’t worry about that. However, you do still hear what’s going on around you, which is a crucial safety feature. Another thing we really like is how little sound leakage there is. Nobody wants to be the person that blares their music to everyone within six feet of them. You’ll be able to hear your surroundings, without accidentally playing MC to your whole neighborhood. 

How to Choose a Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Not sure how to decide? Here are the top things you should be looking at for workout headphones:


Headphones designed for working out need to be more durable than those you’d use for relaxing at home. Look for quality components, and a good warranty. That said, there’s another thing your headphones absolutely need: waterproofing or sweat proofing. Some headphones are fully submersible. However, at the very least, they should hold up to a sweaty workout.

Design and Comfort

Not everyone has the same preferences, and that’s fine. However, if you know you need larger earbuds, or have trouble keeping regular earbuds in, get an extra stable pair. Look for things like wings, or bands to help keep them in. Sometimes part of the design comes down to looks, and not just feel. If you don’t mind a bulkier set you have more options.

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Charging and Battery Life

Any pair of wireless headphones should have enough battery life to get you through a workout. However, if you want to use them at home too, you’ll need more than a few hours of battery life. You should also consider how long the earbuds take to charge. If that’s a few hour process and you forget to charge them, you may be working out without your tunes. The solution to this, if you’re someone that tends to forget, is a quick charge mode. Typically this allows you to charge the headphones for a matter of minutes, and gives you battery life for around an hour or so. 


If you want multi-use headphones, look at all the functions it allows. Is it for music only? Can you make calls when needed? If you often pause your workout to take a call, make sure the headphones include call capability and a good inline mic. 
You should also look at how you control the headphones. Some have onboard control buttons, others use a remote, and some include voice command functionality. Ideally, the controls are easy to remember and use. Most of all, they should be something you can easily reach and use whilst in the middle of a workout. 

Open vs. Closed Design

Some of this comes down to preference. However, a lot of it just plain comes down to safety. Do you solely workout indoors or in a gym? Then feel free to grab a pair of headphones with as much noise isolation as you want. Do you like to work up a sweat outside? If so, we recommend avoiding headphones designed for noise isolation. If you’re running near a busy street, the ambient noise around you could save your life. If you want to workout outside, go with a pair of open design headphones. 

Sound Quality

No matter the reason you’re looking for headphones, sound quality should be a priority. Not all headphones produce the same quality of different tones. Bass is one area that’s especially true. Look for a pair that caters to your style of music, and fits within your budget. 


We’re big fans of all the workout headphones we reviewed for their own reasons. There’s a set that works for any type of fitness fan, in any budget range. The best headphones to workout to should fit the criteria we've set out in our buying guide so keep a lookout for these factors when you're shopping.

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