How To Sleep With Headphones On (& Not Breaking Them!)

How To Sleep With Headphones

People who sleep on their back have it easy. They can effortlessly put on a wide variety of headphones and earbuds as they fall asleep.

On the contrary, if you're a side sleeper, life isn't quite as simple. Wearing your favorite headphones as you sleep is wildly uncomfortable and nearly impossible. If you aren't a back sleeper and you enjoy music at night, there's still hope for you. Here is a list of tips and tricks for attaining quality sleep with headphones.

Opt For Wireless Headphones

Using wireless earbuds can be a very comfortable solution. Unlike traditional headphones, these earbuds don't have easily-tangled cords. Some of these earbuds even have noise-cancelling technology to drown out external noises keeping you awake. Though they are small, they can still be uncomfortable if you're sleeping on your side.

Fortunately, you don't need to wear both earbuds at the same time. For example, if you wanted to sleep on your right side, remove the right earbud, and use the left one. Your right ear will be up against the pillow, so you may not even need to hear music in that ear. The only downside of using wireless earbuds is their short battery life. The average working American gets 6 hours of sleep per night, and the average battery life for wireless headphones is 5 hours. As long as you have them charged before you sleep, they are a viable option.

Try a Different Sleep Position

Though it seems obvious, trying a new sleep position may allow you to wear headphones. Lots of people are unwilling to change their sleeping position because they've had the same one for ages. If you insist on sleeping with headphones but don't want to buy new ones, you might have to consider a new position. Sleeping on your back releases the pressure from your ears, and it's the simplest way to achieve this goal.

Get The Right Pillow

For those who've attempted to sleep all night with bulky headphones, you know that it's a painful endeavor. The majority of pillow manufacturers create pillows for those who don't sleep with headphones. Also, laying on these pillows with headphones creates pressure that can damage the audio devices. Fortunately, there are pillows specifically designed for music fans.

A pillow with a hole is a real thing, and it looks just like it sounds. This product is excellent for people who experience ear discomfort. Most of these pillows feature a 4x4 inch hole that conveniently fits the cup of most headphones. Perfect for side sleepers, it relieves the downward pressure of the earcup on the pillow. Additionally, the pads are very customizable. You can add or remove fluff to get just the amount that suits you. You can also alter the padding around the hole to tighten it to your liking.

Another pillow that is great for headphone users is a travel pillow. Travel pillows are shaped like a horseshoe and are popular among road-trip gurus. Although this type of pillow is sublime for sleeping upright, it's not quite as comfortable in bed. Nevertheless, the pillow has an opening in the middle that can relieve pressure from your headphones.

If you want to get fancy, there are travel pillows that are also headphones. They have built-in stereo speakers that produce high-quality audio. You may be thinking, "What if I'm sleeping next to someone?" The pillow is loud enough for you to hear but quiet enough not to disturb your partner. Since it's made from memory foam, this pillow can fill your music and comfort needs.


Bedphones are thin, lightweight headphones that can help you achieve comfortable rest. Thanks to a long cord, you can keep your phone on a nightstand instead of sleeping next to it. Earhooks gently clamp around your ear to ensure that the headphones stay in place during the night. Some of the higher quality bedphones feature noise-cancelling technologies.

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Best Selling Sleep Headphones:

AcousticSheep SleepPhones

If you're looking for the most comfortable way to sleep in a bed, you may want to consider SleepPhones by AcousticSheep. The product is a super-soft and washable headband. Adapting to the shape of your head, the speakers are fully adjustable. With a four foot long cord, these headphones allow you to set your phone on a nightstand.

Sleep Bands

Sleep bands similar resemble comfy headbands. The only difference is a sleep band has headphones subtly woven into the sides. One of the only significant downsides is that they don't feature noise-cancelling technology. If you value comfortability over noise-cancelling, the sleep band might be the right choice. Hot sleepers may enjoy this product because of the fabric's cooling technology. These headphones are available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes.

Try Normal Headphones

Although some headphones on this list directly cater to sleepers, they might not offer the same sound quality as regular headphones. Sleep-designed headphones often sacrifice sound for comfortability to target the specific niche. If you value sheer sound quality, regular headsets, such as headphones for travel, working, or entertainment, are hard to beat. Getting a good night's sleep with standard headphones is only possible if they fit perfectly.

Without fitting perfectly, the headphones could cause damage to your ears and lead to headaches. Make sure that the padded cups perfectly outline your ears without directly pushing against them. With perfect-sized headphones, you might be able to lay on your side for short periods. Sleeping all night is a different story. There's almost no chance that you can sleep on your side with regular headphones and be comfortable all night. If you insist on using them, sleeping on your back is the only option.

Closing Thoughts

These tips may help you get a full night's sleep while listening to the music you love. Being able to listen to tunes in bed comfortably can change everything. Make sure to take precautions when wearing headphones to avoid injuring yourself and damaging them. Getting ample sleep with headphones on is entirely possible. Read reviews and determine which solution suits you best.

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