How to Pair SkullCandy Wireless Headphones

Different Types of Earbuds

Being able to pair your Bluetooth device with your brand new SkullCandy wireless headphones can be a chore at first. With a little learning and help, this connection problem will be solved in a jiffy.

First: Get To Know Your Headphones

Connecting your SkullCandy headphones means getting to know how to use the buttons on the sides. Like most Bluetooth headphones on the market, SkullCandy comes with a few buttons that ensure ease of navigation. The plus button, minus button and power button all have their specific uses. The power button, in particular, involves the use of codes to access specific modes, including Bluetooth.

However, you can also find other SkullCandy headphone models that have a separate Bluetooth button. Plus, the power button in some SkullCandy headphones helps users access other modes. Luckily, there are steps and codes in the owner's instructions that will help you with your particular model of headphones. 

To activate Bluetooth connectivity in SkullCandy headphones, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds and you'll be good to go.

Second: Make Sure They Are Visible

Once you're done activating pairing mode on your SkullCandy headphones, you need to activate your device's Bluetooth connection. Turn on your phone or laptop and go to the Bluetooth program and make sure it is set to visible. If your smartphone or other device is not visible to another Bluetooth item, your SkullCandy headphones will not be able to locate it on its own Bluetooth system. If your headphones are on they should show up in the list of items on the smartphone.

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How to connect different devices to your headphones

Windows Laptops

For Windows 10 laptops, the Bluetooth icon should be found in the taskbar. If not, it will be necessary to turn it on in the Settings menu. To turn Bluetooth on, slide the slider icon to, "On". If you would rather use the taskbar, click on the up arrow on the taskbar to get to the Bluetooth icon. Click on it and make sure the laptop is set to be seen by your headphones. If the connection does not happen automatically, go to the next step. Another effective way of looking for Bluetooth connectivity on your PC is by searching for it on your search box. Simply select "Bluetooth and other devices" and choose your headphones. 

Android Phones

For Android phones, the steps are going to be easier. Simply go to Settings from the drop-down menu and turn on Bluetooth. Make sure your Bluetooth program is set to, "visible". In the Bluetooth program tap on, "Search for devices" and your headphones should show in the list. Tap on them in the list and you will be good to go.


If you want to connect your headphones to an Apple device using MacOS, go to the Apple menu, choose, "System Preferences", then click on Bluetooth. Your SkullCandy headphones should already be visible on the list. Click on, "Connect" and if needed, click on, "Accept".


Pairing your SkullCandy headphones on your iOS device is the same as pairing them with an Android. Simply go to the settings and activate Bluetooth. Then, check for your device in the "other devices" area and then select it.

Confirming The Connection

SkullCandy headphones have a method of confirming that they have been successfully paired with a Bluetooth device. They will sound a beep. Also, you may have seen an LED blinking after you turned on the headphones. This does not indicate a problem. When there is a successful pairing, the LED will stop blinking. If this is not the case, and your headphones have been through the steps, try again.

If it still fails, you'll have to reset your headphones. The reset process in most SkullCandy headphones involves turning off your headsets, holding down your gadget's Plus and Minus buttons concurrently until you hear the double beep sound. Since the resetting process differs from one model to another, it's wise to follow the procedure in your owner's manual. 

Why is my Skullcandy Air Raid producing distorted sound?

Crackling, popping or no sound are common problems you are likely to encounter with Skullcandy earbuds. Let's break down possible reasons.

More than one connected devices

With multiple devices enabled, the Bluetooth system identifies and connects to the second paired device. On the contrary, the Bluetooth system still streams audio from presently connected gadgets. This, in turn, affects the audio quality. In the best-case scenario, your gadget automatically solves the problem in less than 30 seconds. If the problem is not resolved, try the following:

  1. Hold the volume and center button to reorganize the list of paired gadgets
  2. Separating the paired devices from Skullcandy and reconnecting them once more

Low battery

When the battery charge on your Skullcandy earbuds is low, you are likely to experience distorted or low-volume audio. To avoid these problems, plug the earbuds on your power cradle using an adapter.

Damage speakers

Although the above steps aren't applicable, you will have to check the condition of the speakers.

What are the possible reasons behind the disconnection of Skullcandy earbuds and your Bluetooth device?

Unpaired device

One of the common reasons is that you haven't paired the chosen device. Ensure that you have powered your Skullcandy earbuds and allow pairing access. You will notice blue and red LED flashes. When the earbuds successfully pair with your device, the red LED blinks thrice.

Devices are not within a range

The Skullcandy earbuds connect with gadgets within a 33 feet range from their location. As a result, you have to ensure that your Bluetooth device is at a considerable distance.

If the above solutions don't work for you, it might be because of malfunctioning devices. You, therefore, need to replace the broken motherboard on your device.

Why are my Skullcandy Earbuds not Charging?

Another common problem with earbuds is default charging. This can occur to one or both buds. If you don't see a red indicator light on your charging case when you place the earbud inside, then your earbuds are not charging.

Similarly, your earbuds case might not be closing effectively. This can result from debris blocking your charging pins at the bottom of the case. In other cases, the earbuds might not be sitting effectively on the case.

How can I reset Skullcandy headphones?

You have to power off your earbuds first. Then, hold the Volume and power button simultaneously for five seconds. This resets your paired list; after removing the connected devices, power on the earbuds.

In the case where only one is side working, here are some steps to take:

  1. Remove the earbuds from the Bluetooth device list 
  2. Place the earbuds in the charging case
  3. Turn off Bluetooth
  4. Remove your left earbuds from the case
  5. Tap the center button until a red light appears on your earbuds
  6. Place back the earbud in the case

Repeat the above steps with the other earbud. Remove both earbuds and place them in your ear. The earbuds will beep, indicating a successful pairing. Turn Bluetooth back on your phone, tablet, laptop  smartwatch. Select the earbuds on your gadget's Bluetooth list and pair your device.


It may be necessary to reset the headphones and start the process from the beginning. If you do not have your owner's manual, resetting your headphones is slightly different from model to model. Generally speaking, to reset, turn the headphones off. Start holding down the the volume up and down buttons simultaneously and this will produce a a double beep. After hearing these beeps, your headphones have been reset.

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