How to Pair SkullCandy Wireless Headphones

Different Types of Earbuds

Being able to pair your Bluetooth device with your brand new SkullCandy wireless headphones can be a chore at first. With a little learning and help, this connection problem will be solved in a jiffy.

First: Get To Know Your Headphones

Connecting your SkullCandy headphones means getting to know how to use the buttons on the sides. The plus button, minus button and power button all have their specific uses. The power button, in particular, involves the use of codes to access specific modes, including Bluetooth. In the owner's instructions, there are the steps and codes that will help you with your particular model of headphones. Turn on your headphones and you can continue.

Second: Make Sure They Are Visible

Turn on your phone or laptop and go to the Bluetooth program and make sure it is set to visible. If your smartphone or other device is not visible to another Bluetooth item, your SkullCandy headphones will not be able to locate it on its own Bluetooth system. If your headphones are on they should show up in the list of items on the smartphone.

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How to connect different devices to your headphones

Windows Laptops

For Windows 10 laptops, the Bluetooth icon should be found in the taskbar. If not, it will be necessary to turn it on in the Settings menu. To turn Bluetooth on, slide the slider icon to, "On". If you would rather use the taskbar, click on the up arrow on the taskbar to get to the Bluetooth icon. Click on it and make sure the laptop is set to be seen by your headphones. If the connection does not happen automatically, go to the next step.

Android Phones

For Android phones, the steps are going to be easier. Simply go to Settings from the drop-down menu and turn on Bluetooth. Make sure your Bluetooth program is set to, "visible". In the Bluetooth program tap on, "Search for devices" and your headphones should show in the list. Tap on them in the list and you will be good to go.


If you want to connect your headphones to an Apple device using MacOS, go to the Apple menu, choose, "System Preferences", then click on Bluetooth. Your SkullCandy headphones should already be visible on the list. Click on, "Connect" and if needed, click on, "Accept".

Confirming The Connection

SkullCandy headphones have a method of confirming that they have been successfully paired with a Bluetooth device. They will sound a beep. Also, you may have seen an LED blinking after you turned on the headphones. This does not indicate a problem. When there is a successful pairing, the LED will stop blinking. If this is not the case, and your headphones have been through the steps, try again.

It may be necessary to reset the headphones and start the process from the beginning. If you do not have your owner's manual, resetting your headphones is slightly different from model to model. Generally speaking, to reset, turn the headphones off. Start holding down the the volume up and down buttons simultaneously and this will produce a a double beep. After hearing these beeps, your headphones have been reset.

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