How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

High quality audio is a big part of gaming. If you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones you’d love to use for gaming but are having trouble connecting to your Xbox, you’re not alone.

Gaming headphones are expensive and can seem like a waste if you already have a great pair of Bluetooth headphones lying around. Since the lack of Bluetooth audio support on Xbox can leave you feeling stuck, you need to do your homework to find the devices that connect easily. Fortunately, there are very few steps, and the connection is almost instant, making this a straightforward process.

Gather Everything You Need

Most headphones that aren’t designed for gaming use Bluetooth technology. Gone are the days of messy wired connections. Using

The quickest and easiest way to use your existing set of Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox is by using an audio transmitter and a set of powered Bluetooth headphones.

What you need:

  • Audio transmitter
  • Xbox controller
  • Extension cable (optional)
  • Powered headphones

It’s quite frustrating when Bluetooth doesn’t work as it should. Before you start tweaking the settings, you need to identify the problem. If the headphones work when you connect them via 3.5mm jack, then your Bluetooth is the culprit.

Make sure you check all the features, like game chat and mic settings. The commentary, music, chat, and other aspects of game audio play a significant role in the overall quality of a video game as it adds emotion and builds tension.

Choose the Right Headphones for Your Xbox

Finding the best Xbox One headsets in the market can be a little confusing considering the number of options available. Knowing the basic rules of thumb can help you to find the headsets that suit your preferences.

Before buying a new pair of headphones or committing to using a set you have laying around, check the following.

You need to:

  • Confirm whether the headsets are compatible with your Xbox One (click here for a list of non-compatible options)
  • Avoid options that rely entirely on Bluetooth
  • Go for options that use 3.5mm jacks as a backup

Modern headsets come with direct to console signals that enable wireless connections to an array of devices. If your Xbox console doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, you need a computer or smartphone to connect to your headphones.

Pair the Headphones with Transmitter

The setup provides easy Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can successfully pair any set of Bluetooth headphones. It even comes with an instructions manual, in case you forget the steps. Even with Bluetooth technology, it’s essential to have a headphone jack (male and female) to help in analog connections.

When pairing the headphones to the transmitter:

  • Turn your headphones on by pressing the power button
  • Put your headphones into pairing mode
  • Press and hold the multifunction button on your transmitter again
  • It will start searching for your headphones via Bluetooth

The alternating red and blue lights will continue flashing when pairing mode is active. If you keep the headphones close to the transmitter, the device will emit a steady blue light, signaling a successful connection. Now you can enjoy the freedom of movement when gaming using your favorite listening device.

You might experience audio stutter whenever you connect Bluetooth headphones in a room with several Wi-Fi devices. Remove unnecessary Bluetooth connections and see if the audio stutter stops. If the devices won’t connect, check whether they are out of range. Try resetting your devices if you’re having persistent connection problems.

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Troubleshoot Connectivity Problems

Since transmitters come and go, make sure you triple check that the one you purchase is compatible with the model of Xbox you have. If you want to be safe, always buy headphones with an option to plug in directly with a 3.5mm connection. Alternatively, install the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC or phone  

Once you connect the headphones to the smartphone, they will connect to the Xbox automatically. You’ll love using the Bluetooth headset while playing games due to the unmatched flexibility it offers.

If the headphones fail to connect:

  • Perform some tests by connecting the headsets to a different controller or other device, like a phone
  • Replace batteries on your headsets if needed or make sure they’re fully charged
  • Recharge the battery on your Xbox One controller

Bluetooth devices can fail unexpectedly, so it’s essential to have the wired headphones just in case. The ability to connect Bluetooth devices via Microsoft wireless transmitters will come in handy when connection issues arise. If you’re struggling to connect headphones to Xbox, check that the device is not paired to something else, or identify any malfunctions in the hardware.

Don’t Overlook Your TV

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of having your headphones connected to your Xbox, you should also consider connecting them directly to your TV instead, if your TV has the proper outputs.

Most modern TVs will accept an Bluetooth adapter for audio output, just take note that this method won’t allow you to use the mic with your headphones, since it’s not connected directly to the Xbox.

Closing Thoughts

It may seem frustrating that connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox one isn’t a straightforward process. You’re not alone in thinking this.

Bluetooth headphones are commonplace, and can make your gaming experience more streamlined.

If you’re still having trouble connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox one, comment below and we can help.

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