How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4

How to connect bluetooth headphones to ps4

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 (and Ps5!)

Connecting wireless headphones to your PS4 or PS5 creates a more streamlined gaming experience, free of excess wires . What’s great about using Bluetooth headphones for gaming is the ability to use a headset you’re already comfortable with.

However, not all Bluetooth headphones will work with the PS4 or PS5, so make sure you read through this guide before investing in a new set of Bluetooth headphones for your PlayStation.

1. Benefits of Bluetooth Connectivity in Gaming

The universal Bluetooth headphones provide the connectivity you need to move freely without being tethered to the console. In some cases, the connection process is as easy as adding a Bluetooth adapter to your console. 

Bluetooth connections have the following benefits:

  • Simple setup (most of the time)
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Less hardware
  • Customized sound

Without annoying wires trailing across the room, you can easily focus on the game.

2. What Types of Headphones Can You Connect to PS4?

Since not every headset will work with your PS4 or PS5, opting for one with an option to connect via 3.5m jack is a safe bet. But if you want to use the wireless headphones, go to the devices page and open the list of compatible devices that will work seamlessly.

More than just the suggested compatible devices could work without issue. Your PS4 will take the following options:

  • Powered headphones with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Headphones with 3.5mm audio jack

Due to incompatibility issues, connecting the headset to your console can prove more difficult than you’d anticipated. Take the right steps to ensure that your headphones are compatible with the PS4.

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3. How to Tell If Devices Are Compatible

When playing games on your PS4, great audio quality is essential for a more immersive and enjoyable experience. However, if you have upgraded from PS3 to PS4, or even further to the PS5, it’s not a bad idea to update your headphones as well. Instead of playing out on the TV speakers, consider the following tips:

  • Most wireless headphones are not directly compatible with PS4
  • Your PS4 will likely need a Bluetooth adapter, so you need to test the compatibility of your adapter to your headphones, and the adapter to the PlayStation before buying
  • Bluetooth causes an audio lag in some games
  • Check the specs and insist on Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, and two USB ports

Check whether your PS4 takes CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) or OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) headsets to avoid frustration. If you connect a CTA headset to an OMTP port, the audio will be too quiet since the two are incompatible.

4. How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

If you want to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4, you need a Bluetooth wireless adapter. You’ll find a headphone jack with a small microphone at the end. Just plug the USB adaptor when connecting the headphone to PS4 port.

The blue light on the USB should be on and flashing slowly. Just turn on your headphones and put them on pairing mode to allow the dongle to pick up the signal. 

To complete the process, hold the button on the USB dongle until the light starts flashing to indicate successful pairing. Connecting Bluetooth devices to the PS4 is a simple as linking them to your phone by using the same one-touch pairing system.

Now it’s time to put the microphone to the headphone jack port on the controller. Go to the PS4 menu on your screen and:

  • Select devices
  • Audio devices.
  • Input device
  • Headset connected to the controller

Set the output device to USB headphones and adjust the headset volume to your preferences. After connecting the headphone to PS4, complete the process by setting the output to all audio and enjoy the wireless commentary as you play your favorite game.

5. How to Address Connectivity Problems

You can address the connectivity problems by resetting your PS4 or canceling the connections on the Bluetooth device. Once you connect the Bluetooth headset to the PS4, you need a USB adaptor to link it to the PS4. The last step entails connecting the headset to the PS4 by a USB dongle. Take the following steps:

  • Reset your headset or console
  • Choose headphones specifically designed for PS4
  • Insert the USB adapter into your PS4’s USB port
  • Ensure your devices are in range or pairing mode
  • Clear or forget the existing Wi-Fi connections

Your PS4 supports a wide range of Bluetooth audio devices. If you read the instructions manual, you’ll find the recommended headphones that will connect without a hitch.

Compatible Bluetooth Devices Or Other?

There are various ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4. Since these methods vary with the PS4 model, it's best to stick to the guidelines. If you want your Bluetooth headphones to work as intended by the manufacturer, insist on compatible devices as they guarantee the best sound quality.

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