CVC Noise Cancellation – How Does It Work?

CVC Noise Cancellation

CVC is the answer to the inevitable problem of noise pollution. The Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology is used for noise cancelling and enhancing selective listening. ​

If you are working in a noisy plant, walking in a chaotic city, or participating in sports, you can choose what to listen to and have a quiet conversation on your phone. CVC has been incorporated into handsets, automotive communication devices, hands-free devices, and Bluetooth headsets. You can experience multiple benefits of CVC in combating active noise wherever you go.

How CVC noise cancellation works

CVC features advanced algorithms that check the reception and transmission of voice into the ears of a listener. In addition to limiting or selecting the sound you want to listen to, CVC technology delivers an optimum quality of voice. CVC noise cancellation works in two dimensions: passive noise cancellation (ambient noise reduction) and active noise isolation.

Firstly, ambient noise reduction works by the principle of barring vibrations and external sound waves from reaching the eardrum. Passive noise cancelling blocks approximately 10-20 decibels noise, an equivalent of the volume of a hairdryer.

Next, active noise cancellation adopts destructive interference. The internal sound frequency cancels out the external noise. The headphones have a microphone that has an embedded technology that analyses and eliminates external sound while regulating the internal rate of your audio.

When making a call, CVC creates a quiet environment for clear communication. The integrated microphone software creates a profile of your voice, isolating it from all other voices in the vicinity. About 30 decibels of external noise is prevented from interfering with your call. The headphone system filters all ambient sounds and echoes to enhance your speaking and listening moments.

CVC noise cancellation has turned around the listening experience in wireless headphones.

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Features of CVC noise cancelling headphones

  • Adaptive equalizers
  • Automatic gain adjustment
  • Auxiliary stream mixing
  • Comfortable listening
  • Howling control
  • Nonlinear processing
  • Power saving mode
  • Peceive/Send equalizers
  • Speech intelligibility (frequency enhanced)

Why you need CVC headphones

Sometimes you have encountered disturbance in your vicinity while listening to some music or while making a call. The cancelling headphones are crucial in a noisy world, thanks to CVC technology.

Well, CVC 8.0 noise cancellation and the Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 comes handy with modifications that help you tap into the absolute pleasure of music while guarding your ears. CVC noise cancelling headphones are available in a wide range of Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio devices in the market. They come along with user-friendly GUI tuning and monitoring tools.

You can use CVC headphones on all devices, including a smartphone, a notebook, or a laptop. Use wireless headphones to enjoy free movement as you tune in and get entertained. The headphones have comfortable fit and super lightweight earbuds.

The sweat-proof ergonomic designs enable you to carry on your day’s activities. You can jog, run, hike, cycle, or workout as you listen to your audio. Select the best of the vast assortment of CVC headphones from many physical and virtual shops.

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