Best Wireless Headphones For Watching TV

Best Wireless TV Headphones

Our Picks For TV Headphones

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Sennheiser RS 195 RF-small

These Sennheiser headphones are designed to deliver clear, quality audio. With this set, you get the same quality, even when you leave the room.

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Avantree HT280-small

This pair of Avantree headphones is great for gamers. They even deliver 30% more volume than competing sets.

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SteelSeries Arctis Pro-small

If you're looking for professional quality headphones, you'll love these SteelSeries Pro headphones. With a dual system for a wireless connection, you'll never lose audio.

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Editor's Choice

Artiste Wireless TV Headphones-small

Editor's Choice

Artiste Wireless TV Headphones

These headphones have a strong audio and wireless connection. They've got an impressive battery life that lasts up to 20 hours.

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Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones-small

This Dolby Dimension pair uses a Bluetooth transmitter that easily switches between devices. It provides the cinema-quality sound that this brand is famous for in one of the best headphones money can buy.

Wireless headphones are making their way into the TV-centered market, and it's no wonder why. These headphones can give you incredible sound quality and enhance your viewing experience.

Even better, with the best headphones, you can move around, no cords to hassle with, and still hear your program in clear, home theater quality sound. A headphone system like this is especially appealing for movie buffs that want to get the full experience with worrying about waking up anyone else in the home. 

To see more details about the best wireless headphones for TV, keep reading.

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Sennheiser RS 195 RF


  • Different boost modes deliver the best audio for music and TV
  • The signal reaches up to 100 meters
  • Includes 7 different audio profiles for customized listening


  • Not Bluetooth compatible uses an audio cable for connection


These wireless headphones are great for people that are particular about their audio, and easily make the list of best headphones. The outside noise cancellation is great, but you'll really love the preset options it this set comes with. These special hearing boosts allow you to up the outside noise cancellation, get the most out of music with optimized settings, and hear even quiet dialogue more clearly than ever before.

In fact, the Speech feature is one of the most raved about things with this set. This is especially so for those that are sick of constantly rewinding to hear an important bit of dialogue that they've missed.

This is a comfortable pair of wireless headphones, with an ergonomic design. If you get to use these for a movie marathon, don't even worry about feeling constricted. They stay comfortable for as long as you can wear them.

Avantree HT280


  • Affordably priced, including 24-month warranty
  • Transmits audio without lag or delay
  • Very easy to use, a "plug and play" setup


  • Must register a product for 24-month warranty, otherwise, warranty limited to 12 months


This convenient set is one of the best wireless headphones that includes everything you want and leaves out the hassles that can make digital headphones difficult to use. As Avantree describes this set, it really is a plug-and-go.  

There's no extra setup, no complicated directions, only great audio with just the volume you need. Even better, you don't even have to worry about whether or not these headphones will work with your TV; these are actually compatible with 99% of receivers and televisions (so you're just about guaranteed a compatible fit).

While these headphones aren't meant for professional-level audio, their quality is withstanding. The design helps reduce outside noise, as well as add an extra cushy feel. Best of all, they're really affordable and include a handy charging stand, as well as rechargeable batteries.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro


  • Works with many smart devices and gaming systems
  • High-quality construction and performance throughout
  • Allows for custom adjustment of audio levels


  • Will require extra setup to use with gaming systems other than PS4 or PC


If you've been searching for a good gaming headset and won't settle for wired headphones just to get great audio, you'll be glad to hear you don't have to. These SteelSeries wireless headphones are absolutely professional quality, and they can switch between all of your favorite devices too.

While this pair is advertised for PC and PS4 use, it can even be used with mobile devices or other gaming systems, like the Xbox.

What you're really going to love is the virtually unparalleled audio quality and customization you get with these headphones. It's got Hi-Res speakers that dish out double the hertz of other headsets at 40,000 Hz. If that's not enough, this pair comes with a special OLED menu, which allows you to adjust all your audio levels quickly and easily.

Artiste Wireless TV Headphones

Artiste Wireless TV Headphones


  • Strong signal easily penetrates walls
  • Can be used for connecting multiple headsets to a receiver
  • Compatible with nearly any device, and adapters can be used for a full range


  • For analog devices without correct connections, an adapter may be needed


This is a great set of headphones available at a budget-friendly price point. If you're somebody that constantly has to monitor your volume, or risk the wrath of your family members, let's just say this set was designed with you in mind.

They produce clear, sound with extra bass and treble features. Even better, they help keep outside noise to a minimum, while providing leak-free audio. That means the sound stays in the headphones.

You can wear these walking through the house without losing signal. Not only do these headphones feature enhanced signal, but that signal also extends to up to 100 feet, and easily keeps connected, even through walls.

Let's not forget the impressive battery power. The rechargeable batteries in this set can keep going for up to 20 hours. So, don't worry about it if you forget to dock them on the charger.

Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


  • Incredible level of customization, especially with the app
  • Delivers crystal clear, theater quality sound
  • Fast, efficient charging and battery life


  • Headphones may get warm after long sessions of use


Everybody knows Dolby for their legacy of top-tier cinematic sound, but most people don't know they have made one of the best headphones on the market. These headphones have the quality you'd expect and features that will surprise and delight you.

Most wireless headphones either have trouble with audio leakage, or they completely cancel out outside noise. This set of headphones has a feature called 'LifeMix' which allows you to control the exact balance of media audio, and the noise from your surroundings.

That's not the only cool, techy feature they have, either:

First, there's the Dolby Dimension app that lets you control and customize even the most minute details of your audio experience. Add to that the comprehensive yet intuitive base that can dish out a full charge in 2 hours, or use 20 minutes to charge, and you'll still get through a whole movie.

There's hardly enough time to cover everything that makes these headphones unique, but it's fair to say this set is good as gold.

What are wireless TV headphones?

Wireless TV headphones are the next level of audio technology that you can bring right into your own home. These headphones don't have cords or wires connecting them to the audio source, whether it's a TV, gaming system, or a PC. The best wireless headphone system for this will have great sound response, be comfortable, and work effortlessly. 

Unlike wired headphones, they typically connect in one of two ways: either by using Bluetooth technology or via a receiver that connects to the audio source (such as a TV or computer) and wirelessly transmits the audio to the headset. These headphones allow users to get high-quality audio that they can keep to themselves.

A quality wireless headphone system is a great option for people that don't want to disturb others with their volume, have trouble hearing the dialogue in shows, or that are just big movie or gaming buffs and want get the best experience with sound effects.

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How to connect wireless TV headphones?

Wireless headphones are made up of two individual units: a base station that holds the headphones' charge, and a secondary unit that transmits wireless signals from the TV or other devices.

That part of your headphones is what needs to be connected to the TV – how exactly to do this wirelessly depends on the type of headphones you have as well as the type of TV you have.

Most smart TVs these days have Bluetooth compatibility. If that is the case for your TV, it should be fairly easy to connect your Bluetooth headphones – just locate the device on your smart TV screen and pair the TV with the headphones.

If you have Bluetooth headphones but do not have a Bluetooth compatible smart TV, you will have to install a Bluetooth module on your TV in order to pair with the headphones. Adding a Bluetooth module to your TV isn't too hard, but it does mean an extra cost.

For RF headphones, it can be slightly more complicated. RF headphones come with their own transmitter that needs to be plugged into the audio output portal on your TV. You will also have to connect the transmitter to its own power source.

Points to Consider

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the style and fit of their headphones. However, to find the very best pair of headphones for you, there are a few universal features you are going to want to look out for. Here are the top things you should consider before you buy a pair of wireless TV headphones.

Sound Quality

Of course, everybody wants their headphones to put out a clear, unaltered sound, but the sound quality is extra important when it comes to TV headphones because you need to be able to hear all of the dialogue and sound effects to get the full experience.

TV headphones should fully immerse you into whatever you are playing or watching. It should do a good job of canceling out all other noise so that it feels like you are really in the movie or video game.

Active noise cancelling can help to improve the quality of the audio output in your headphones. For this, you will probably want a pair of sturdy over-ear headphones.

Build Quality

Regardless of if you go for wired headphones or wireless, tour headphones should not just be stylish and effective, they also need to have a reliable build quality. Avoid cheap materials that can break or crack easily like brittle plastic. The better the quality of your wireless headphones, the more expensive they will likely be. But that quality also ensures that you will not need to invest in a new pair for a long time.

Transmission Range

The transmission range of a pair of wireless headphones determines how far away the user can stand from the device that is transmitting sound without the audio starting to go fuzzy or cut out. Many basic Bluetooth headphones had a range of about 30 feet – that’s plenty of room for the living room or nest alone.

However, if you would like to be able to get up and go to the kitchen or bathroom while you are watching TV, without losing the audio, you may want to consider a pair of headphones with a higher transmission range. Some more recent RF headphones can transmit clearly as far as 300 feet away from the device. Headphones with a high antenna will also be best for long-range streaming.

Battery Life

Remember, the whole point of buying wireless headphones is so that you can use them without being attached to an annoying cord. The longer the battery life of your headphones, the longer they will be able to stay off the charging dock and leave you watching TV cord-free.

Audio on Time with Video

Something that you don’t need to consider with ordinary earbuds or headphones just for listening to music is a lag between audio and video. In some lower-quality TV headphones, the audio will not transmit fast enough and so will be offset from the video, which can really ruin your watching or gaming experience.

Make sure that your wireless TV headphones transmit great sound instantly, to avoid the problem of lagging.


One of the most important factors of your wireless TV headphone is that they need to be comfortable to wear for a long period of time. How comfortable you are in different types of headphones largely comes down to the size and shape of your head and your individual preferences.

In general, we can say that over-ear headphones with rounded, large and gentle ear cups will be comfortable for most users. Some people prefer earbuds, or in-ear headphones, to over-ear headphones – if you choose a pair of in-ear headphones to pair with your TV, just make sure that they are a pair you will be so comfortable in, you'll forget they are there.

Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling headphones are designed to actively block any external noise from coming through the headphones. They are generally larger, over-ear headphones with wide ear cups. Additionally, they can be a little bulkier than some other types of headphones. As mentioned earlier, noise cancelling headphones can really help to improve the sound quality of your audio while you are watching TV or playing games.

But there is more to it than that – noise cancelling headphones are also really beneficial for someone who has trouble hearing. By blocking all other distracting noises, noise cancelling headphones “purify” the audio from your TV, preventing sounds from getting muffled together and making it easier for someone with a hearing impairment to hear exactly what is going on, without having to constantly adjust the volume control.  

Noise cancelling headphones are also great for sleep. They can block snores, traffic, and other nighttime noises while streaming white noise or sleeping music.

RF Technology vs Bluetooth Technology

We have covered two different types of wireless headphones in our review: Bluetooth and RF headphones. RF technology is a little newer and can have an incredibly high transmission range – up to 300 feet without losing any of the sound quality.

Bluetooth connectivity, on the other hand, is a more established technology and generally makes for a more secure audio transmission. The issue of lagging between audio and video, for example, could be more common with RF headphones than with Bluetooth. Another advantage of Bluetooth over RF is that many modern TVs have Bluetooth compatibility already, whereas, with RF, you will need to hook up a separate transmitter.

If your smart TV is Bluetooth compatible, we recommend getting a pair of Bluetooth-transmitting headphones – it is simply the easiest, cheapest setup. But that is not to say that Bluetooth connectivity is necessarily better – RF is an up and coming audio streaming technology that produces super clear sound from a long distance. As RF headphones become more and more common, transmitting will be easier and more reliable.


Wireless TV headphones are a great addition to any household. They allow you to watch TV or play videogames without disturbing anyone else in the room. They also make movies, shows, and games more enjoyable by cancelling out external noises. You can be really immersed into the audio of whatever you are playing or watching.

The best wireless headphones for TV for you should be durable, have long battery life, and a high enough transmission range that you can move around comfortably in the room without losing any audio quality.

Now that you know what to look for in a new pair of wireless headphones, you are ready to get out there and purchase the very best pair for you.

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