Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

7 Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Jabra Elite 75t Small

More compact than ever, the Jabra Elite 75t are an impressive set of earbuds. They have a seven-hour battery life and the ability to customize listening on the Jabra app.

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Jaybird Vista Small

These are a great pair of noise-canceling earbuds for athletes. They’ll stay securely in your ears and last up to six hours on a single charge.

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Apple Airpods Pro Small

This is an upgraded version of Apple’s traditional Airpods. Designed for workouts and athletics, these earbuds will stay in your ears more securely and offer improved sound.

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Galaxy Buds Live Small

These are completely wireless earbuds designed by Samsung that work with both Apple and Android devices. They have a good microphone for taking calls, unlike most earbuds, and feature basic noise cancellation.

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Sony WF-1000XM3 Small

A fantastic set of wireless, noise canceling earbuds that have the capability of accessing any virtual assistant you want and playing/pausing at a moment’s notice. These earbuds can allow for almost two hours of playback after only ten minutes of charging.

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Bose QuietComfort Small

This pair of earbuds live up to its name - it’s quiet and comfortable indeed. With great sound and awesome ANC, these Bose earbuds won’t disappoint.

Overall Rating
Sony WI-1000XM2 Small

These earbuds have a more traditional design with a band on the back of your neck. They have a great battery life and will stay securely in your ears even while running.

There’s nothing like a pair of noise canceling earbuds to help you become immersed in your own world. Whether you’re watching a movie while traveling or you want to jog to your own tune of choice, there are so many great choices on the market today. We’ve tested many of the most popular ones, and here’s why they made it to our list of favorites.

Jabra Elite 75t


  • Battery life has been extended to seven hours
  • You can customize your listening with the Jabra app
  • The earbuds fit better than their predecessors and have a more compact case


  • Without the app to help balance your preferences, the bass can be overwhelming


The Jabra Elite 75t is an improved version of previous Jabra models. The battery life is extended rather impressively, and it features a much smaller charging case that makes it easier to carry these earbuds around. 

Designed to be 20% smaller than its predecessors, you’ll find the Elite 75t to be a lot easier to wear. Hate how some earbuds can be so uncomfortable? The Elite 75t has an ergonomic design that really surprised us. They are comfortable and don’t fall out easily. 

We loved how the playback buttons are easily accessible and they’re also IP55 splash resistant. This means you can take them out for a jog, or a workout at the gym. Just remember not to swim with them. The bass on the Elite 75t is a lot heavier and this will bode well for some audiophiles, yet others won’t like it as much. 

When it comes to phone calls, the Jabra Elite 75t performs well. You know you can count on it if you need to take any calls, thanks to its clear, crisp audio. Overall, this model is a thorough improvement, and we absolutely love how much smaller they are, together with the impressive 7-hour battery life.

Jaybird Vista


  • Six hours of listening on a single charge
  • The design keeps them secure in your ears even while climbing, biking, and working out
  • They’re entirely wireless and compact


  • They’re more pricey than other models 


These earbuds have wings to keep them secure in your ear, which makes them great for athletes. They’re also entirely wireless and have passive noise canceling abilities. The case is compact, and on a full charge, these earbuds can last for six hours of listening. However, after a little over an hour, we did notice that they tended to hurt, though not unbearably so.

Apple Airpods Pro


  • Noise canceling and sweat resistant for workouts
  • Improved sounds quality over the regular Airpods
  • Secure fit


  • Require lightning cable to charge


Everyone is familiar with Apple’s traditional Airpods, but maybe not the Pro version. We found these earbuds to have a much better sound and they even come with three ear tip options so you can make them fit your ears just how you want. The earbuds are waterproof though we don’t recommend taking them for a long swim. You’ll also love the active noise canceling and sweat resistant technology.

Galaxy Buds Live


  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • High quality microphone for taking phone calls
  • 6-8 hour battery life per charge


  • Noise cancellation isn’t the greatest


Despite not featuring a design that completely seals in your ear, these earbuds do boast some noise cancelling ability. It’s not perfect, but we actually found it great for situations where we still wanted to be a little aware of our surroundings. They have wireless charging and you’ll be surprised by how fast it is! The Galaxy Buds Live also has a high quality microphone, unlike most other earbuds so you can take calls and not feel like you sound too distorted.

Sony WF-1000XM3


  • Auto play/pause feature so you never miss a conversation
  • Integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant available at all times
  • Super quick to charge and extremely comfortable to wear


  • No wireless charging


These earbuds are a bit more technologically advanced than the others on our list so far. They have a very sleek, modern design and the technology to back it up. With a strong connection and a super comfortable fit, these earbuds are worth the price. They are completely wireless and some of the best noise cancelling earbuds on the market. 

We love the auto play/pause feature and were able to have Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrated into them. They charge quickly as only ten minutes of charging allows for almost two hours of listening.

Bose QuietComfort


  • Super easy to connect with your devices through the app
  • Even though they’re wireless, they do have the option to hardwire to your phone if you want
  • These boast around a twenty hour battery life! The best out of all the options so far


  • Microphone sound quality isn’t the best


These are easily the best headphones Bose has on the market. We found them to be incredibly comfortable and they support a strong connection. You’ll love the top noise cancelling capabilities too. Bose headphones have always excelled in the noise cancellation category so if you want to treat yourself a bit, this is the set of headphones to do it with. The design has held its own through the years for good reason.

Sony WI-1000XM2


  • Ten hour battery life on one charge
  • Good option for running
  • Feature a more traditional earbud design which contributes to longer battery life. You also won’t lose them as easily


  • The charging case is a little too big to be practical


Love running or working out? These earbuds are some of the best noise cancelling earbuds around and fitness lovers like us love them. The battery life is around ten hours and it has a more traditional earbuds design, featuring a band that runs around the back of your neck that connects to each earbud.

Benefits of Noise-cancelling Earbuds

Active Noise Cancelling

ANC for short, this feature is perfect for situations where loud noises are consistent- like being around loud engines or factories. The earbuds will react to noises of certain decibels and counter them, keeping them from getting to your eardrums and distracting you.

Earbuds with ANC will use the battery and the microphone to intercept noises and react accordingly. This can be draining on the battery, and cause the running time to be shorter if left on constantly.

Noise Isolation

This feature will block out noises by either encompassing your ears with soft padding or have triple-flanged inserts on the earbuds to help block out external noises. Some earbuds only go to a certain decibel and will not block out anything higher.

Noise isolation will not use up any battery, as it is based on earbud insert design and form to block out sounds while you have them in your ears.

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Comfortable to wear

Headphones are not always a great option, like when you’re working out at the gym or jogging along trails. Earbuds fit comfortably in your ears, without putting too little or too much pressure on the delicate inner workings of your ears. They are also lightweight, and will stay in place as you move about your day.

Bluetooth Technology

Dealing with AUX cords is a hassle, especially when on the go and constantly moving around. Cords will get caught on things and rip headphones off your head and onto the floor. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to keep your phone in your pocket, while taking calls, listening to the radio or podcasts without having to worry about tangling up any cords or having to keep your phone out of your pocket and plugged in.

Case Doubles as Storage and Charger

The carrying case is a 2-in-1 as it also charges the earbuds while keeping them safe when not in use. Most cases will hold 2 additional charges per earbud, and can quick charge the earbuds for brief use if needed.

Great for traveling

If you travel a lot, noise cancelling earbuds are the best headphones for traveling that you can ever opt for. They're effective at keeping things quieter while you travel so you can rest while you fly, or speed along on tracks.

Limits Auditory Overloading

If you live or work in a busy and noisy area, it can be hard to focus on the job at hand. Blocking all the extra noise can improve focus and enable you to get things done.

Guidelines When Buying

There are a lot of things to consider when buying earbuds or headphones, but consider these factors to be a higher priority when looking for a pair of well-priced earbuds. 

Battery Life

Most wireless earbuds will have around 4 hours of active music play time, and the more expensive ones will have around 6 hours of play time on a single charge. If you plan to use your earbuds for long periods of time, then looking for one with the best battery life should be a top priority.

Sound Quality

If you’re looking for earbuds to listen to music or stream podcasts and audio books, then you’ll need earbuds that have great sound quality. Many, like Sony’s wireless earbuds, produce great sound quality. Some models have enhanced bass, and adjustable sound modifiers to fine-tune for the experience you’re looking for.

Call Capabilities

 Wireless earbuds will have call capabilities to allow you to answer calls without having to pull out your cellphone to accept, decline or make a phone call.

Recharge Time

Charging time is one thing that does differ much between different models and brands. Typically, the case can fast charge an earbud for 1.5 hours of listening time in 30 minutes, and a full charge in 2 hours.

Sweat-proof / Waterproof

Not all earbuds are sweat or water resistant, so if you’re looking for a pair of earbuds to use while you work out or enjoy the outdoors, or in a high-humidity workplace, then making sure the earbuds are resistant against moisture is a top priority.


No matter what you need them for, or how often you intend to use them, it’s worth investing wisely in a pair of noise cancelling earbuds. Aside from being able to listen to music without having to crank it up loud enough to drown out the surrounding noise, any audio you play through noise cancelling earbuds will be more easily heard with the noise cancelling features activated, and that means less distracting noises or interference from around you.

Sometimes, we all just need silence to focus on certain tasks and keep us from getting distracted. Noise cancelling earbuds help provide that treasured silence by blocking noises from our environments and enables us to focus entirely on the task at hand, or to even get some shut eye and relaxation during long trips.

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