Best High End Home Theater Speakers

Best High End Home Theater Speakers

If you are planning on building a home theater system, you need to have the best high end home theater speakers. You can have the biggest, nicest screen, and comfiest chairs, but it will be in vain without stunning surround sound audio for your home theater system. Keep reading to find out about these high end home theater speakers that we tried and tested and see which ones lived up to our expectations.

According to our tests, the best high end home theater speakers are the Bose Acoutsimass. Bose is known for pushing out high quality products with booming sound. These speakers are well suited for large rooms.

7 Best High End Home Theater Speakers

Overall Rating
Bose Acoustimass Small

This is a great set for those who need smaller satellites and subwoofer, but still want that high quality, booming sound. It’s great for large rooms even though the satellites are small in size and is particularly easy to set up.

Overall Rating
Bose Lifestyle 600 Small

If you’re looking to make a big investment in a high quality speaker system, the Lifestyle 600 is high up on the recommendations list. It has wireless streaming capabilities and can connect to your Alexa home device if you have one.

Overall Rating
Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra Small

This middle priced audio system is a great buy even though it isn’t a name brand model. The Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra home theater speaker has great sound, is easy to use, and has been listed on several top audio system lists.

Overall Rating
Harmon Kardon HKTS Small

Harman builds great sounding, affordable home theater systems. This particular home theater speaker system is easy to set up, comes with six speakers, and has a powerful sound that meets all expectations.

Overall Rating
Onkyo HTS3910 Small

This surround sound system is affordable and easy to set up for an in home theater experience. It has wired and wireless connection options so you can fit it to your system however you need.

Overall Rating
JBL Cinema 610 Small

With six different speakers and seven cords included with the JBL Cinema 610, you get everything you need for your home theater speaker system. You also get a wall mounting kit.

Overall Rating
Yamaha YHT 5950U Small

Yamaha is a major name in audio, with five speakers and a control center living up to their name. This YHT 5950U system can also be used in multiple rooms at the same time.

Bose Acoustimass


  • Easy set up that takes mere minutes
  • Great booming sound from small satellites
  • The satellites are small and easy to place


  • The price is very high


Keep in mind that any Bose products are going to be quite a bit expensive and may not be within most people’s budgets for a home theater system, but if you are able to shell out the money, you won’t be disappointed in their speaker system.

Bose tends to be fairly polarizing in the audio world; some people view them as overhyped and feel that their products have a high price point. It really just depends on the crowd you hang out with and what you’re willing to spend for speakers, because Bose really does put out high quality products.

We feel like Bose at least deserves some of the hype it gets. This particular set comes with five incredibly tiny satellite speakers (Bose describes them as “virtually invisible”) that are barely more than 3 inches tall. Unfortunately, the subwoofer is massive. The sound from all of the speakers is incredible though. 

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Bose Lifestyle 600


  • Wireless WiFi streaming capabilities
  • Can connect to Alexa home device
  • Easily controlled by a remote or the Bose app


  • The remote cannot be used to also control the TV, just the speakers


Another pick with Bose, but this one is equipped with more speakers and features than our other Bose pick. It comes with seven different speakers that can be placed and positioned however you want to create the absolute best sound possible (Related content: where to place a subwoofer). You can control the sound easily through a small remote or the Bose app.

We found the speakers to be sleek, compact and super easy to find a place for. It’s easy to stream through the speakers too, whether you’re using Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, or any other favorite streaming service. Just connect the speakers to your home WiFi network and you’re all set to go.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra


  • Fair price point and affordable
  • Built solidly and provides incredible sound
  • Easy to use and configure


  • Using the max volume may result in the audio sounding compressed or distorted


One of the best high end home theater speakers, this set comes with a soundbar, subwoofer, and four satellite speakers. We liked how the system was easy to set up and despite not being a well known name-brand, this Nakamichi set provided incredible sound. It’s decked full of advanced features and has some of the highest sound quality you can find in a speaker system.


The Shockwafe Ultra by Nakamichi has 18 drivers for a fully immersive sound. It comes with HDMI and AUX cables, mounting equipment, remote and batteries, and a manual that makes the set up easier.

Harmon Kardon HKTS


  • Super affordable system that provides great sound
  • Speakers are small and easy to set up
  • The system is video-shielded and voice matched


  • Some wires are too short for certain setups


Harmon Kardon has produced high quality speakers and sound systems for years and their HKTS set is no exception. It comes with all cables you need and a fully complete set up. There are four satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and a center speaker, all video-shielded and powerful.

The speakers are easy to set up and connect. When we tested them with different audio types and gaming systems, the sound system held up to standards and provided great audio. We loved the refined and rich sound. The good tonal range and balanced sound didn't disappoint either. This system sells at an affordable price point and a great addition for those wanting a home theater upgrade that won’t break the bank. It comes with everything you need to set up the best home theater without hassle.

Onkyo HTS3910


  • Easy set up and instructions
  • Allows for both wired and wireless audio connection
  • Strong and consistent audio sound quality 


  • The Bluetooth signal is short and needs to be within 20 feet of the device


Maybe Onkyo isn’t a mainstream brand name, but it is certainly worth a second glance. Their HT S3900 speaker system provides powerful and immersive sound at an incredibly affordable price. At 8 Ohms, it provides 60W per channel and has built in Bluetooth technology to help you and your home theater keep up with the times.

The speaker system allows for both wireless and wired connections so you can connect any device you want or need. It has four different HDMI inputs, three RCA audio inputs, and one optical and one digital coaxial. The speakers work perfectly when streaming music through your device or watching a new Netflix show.

We loved how we could also connect a USB device to the speakers if we wanted. Connecting your speakers to your home theater is pretty easy and straightforward. All the speakers are labelled and the instruction manual will tell you how to make sure each speaker is correctly connected to your system. There are even color-coded speaker cables included.

JBL Cinema 610


  • Dedicated central speaker
  • 8- inch subwoofer that provides excellent cinematic surround sound
  • Wall mountings included


  • You need to have an AV receiver that supports four Ohms


A highly respected company, JBL provides you with both a 510 and 610 speaker set option. Their aim is to make great speakers, while also keeping them more affordable to the general market. You can get all six pieces of the speaker set, as well as the seven different cords, all for less than $400.

We loved the dedicated central speaker, which allowed us to get the clear audio we wanted. There is also an eight- inch subwoofer that will give you the rich bass you need. A two ended satellite speaker is included as well as several other speaker heads, making it easy to get the surround sound you want in a home theater system.

Design-wise, we loved that the speakers are rather small. This made it easier for us to fit them into a smaller area. That means you do not need to worry about the size of your home theater being too small. If you have an extremely large home theater, you may need larger speakers. Wall mountings are also included, making it easy to save space and keep your speakers safe.

Yamaha YHT 5950U


  • Simply add MusicCast wireless speakers to use in multiple rooms at the same time
  • WIFI connected, allowing you to control from any room
  • Customize your own sound by adjusting the equalizer and more


  • Subwoofer is a little on the small size


Whether you know audio or not, you have probably heard of the name Yamaha. For decades, they have been producing the technology that allows you to listen to your favorite movies, shows and music. Their home theater set up is no different.

This model is made up of five speakers and a subwoofer, along with a control station. We loved the versatile control which works with WIFI. This meant we could use internet radio stations like Pandora, Spotify and more. You can also set up speakers throughout your home, allowing audio to be played everywhere. Placing them in your home theater, you will get fantastic surround sound.

We found that the 5.1- channel speakers and AV system worked well with Bluetooth, and their MusicCast app gave us better control over our audio. You get a remote as well for easy controls, the sleek black design helps make your home theater look extra sleek and classic.

Features to Consider for Home Theater Systems Speakers

 Before choosing speakers for home theater systems, there are some things you need to consider.

Room Size

The size of your room is absolutely crucial to what home theater system you choose. This is because the speakers need to be loud enough to fill the room, while able to be quiet enough to not overpower the watching experience.

The general rule is the bigger the speakers, the louder the audio, making it cover more ground. If you have a small space, like a desk setup, you only need small speakers. But to fill a whole room, you need to go with medium to large speakers.  

Mounted Options

Having your speakers next to the television is not always the best place for them. Oftentimes it is better to mount them in the corners of the room, or on the walls in the middle of the area. You should look for speakers that can be mounted and where they would be best placed. If you aren’t sure where to mount your speakers, you can test them on stands, then mount them later.

Mounting speakers also helps you to save space, making it easier to navigate smaller home theaters. And there is no need to worry about blocked speakers when mounted on the wall. Aside from mounting, other places to put your best high end home theater speakers for a great experience include along the front wall or in the Subwoofer cabinet.

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Most high-end surround speakers will come with a wide range of connection options. You need to verify that your speakers will work with your television and anything else you with to connect them to. Otherwise, your speakers will be useless.

Dedicated Bass Speaker

A woofer or subwoofer is necessary because it allows you to hear those deep, rich tones, other speakers may not be able to pick up. Without proper bass, you miss out on a significant amount of the audio coming from your movie. It is important to get speakers that can be controlled, so you can lower or raise the bass as needed. This will prevent bass from being too low, or overpowering your speakers if the movie has heavy bass.

Clear Speaker Channel

You need to have a clear channel to be able to make sure the soundtrack and dialogue are coming through clearly and crisply. Without a loudspeaker to act as the center channel, things can become lost you would otherwise need to hear.


Don’t let your home theater system be ruined by poor quality audio. By going with any of the speakers listed above, you will have a true cinematic audio experience you will never want to replace, and a home theater you will never want to leave.

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