About Us

Meet The Team:

Brenden Buckner

Brenden Buckner

Owner & Lead Product Tester

Brenden grew up on the outskirts of LA where he developed a love for music production. He got his degree in audio engineering and has worked on audio for a variety live performances ranging from church services to semi-pro sports events and musicals. 

Aina Harinder

Aina Harinder

Head of Content Creation

The newest member of our team, Aina is an English major and started with Headphone Critics writing blogs. She's since become a key part of our team, and manages content writers and edits content for all reviews, blogs and social media.

Colby Muir

Colby Muir

Graphic Design

If you like the look of Headphone Critics, thank Colby. He's originally from Phoenix, but moved to Anaheim to pursue his web design career where he worked with an online marketing agency, managing the design of the client websites, logos, and flyers.

The Headphone Critics Mission

Our mission at Headphone Critics isn't complicated. We want to provide the best, most honest and useful reviews of the audio products we love. Our team is made up of audio fanatics and music lovers.

However, Headphone Critics can't survive for free. On top of the cost it takes to generate content, images, buy and test products, the time investment from our team is also immense.

Headphone Critics is a business, and we love every second of it. To keep Headphone Critics ad-free and alive, we use affiliate links when we recommend products. Using these links does not cost you anythingBy using affiliate links, we're able to generate a commission when someone from our site continues on to purchase a product. You pay the exact same amount regardless of if you click our link, or navigate to the site directly.

Even though we get compensated for our time, all of our reviews are non-biased, and nobody can pay to be listed on Headphone Critics. We don't take bribes, but we may take free samples in exchange for an honest review. Every review includes positives and negatives, so you can decide if that product is right for you.